About Me and CCI

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Hi, my name is Carla.  I’m a wifey, mom of two kids, one adult son and a teenage daughter, a nurse, SeneGence distributor and blogger-techie want-to-be. ;0- We have two dogs, Izzy and Poppi.  A yorkie and a black yorkiepoo and three outside kitties.  I work as a nurse part time and before that I did bookkeeping.  I don’t care for the 8-5 or 7-7 shifts because it leaves no time or energy for the things that need my attention at home.  And home is where I prefer to be and I enjoy learning DIY projects of all sorts.

We live in a house that needs a lot of TLC. It’s in a sad state and it drives me batty.  I want to have a home I’m not embarrassed to have company in.  My hubby and I have a long list of DIY home improvement projects to do.  Our struggle is prioritizing and staying focused on one project. There’s always something that comes up or needs to wait until we have the money or time to continue a job. Things rarely get completed before we get distracted with another project, idea or issue.  But, when something finally gets done its a great feeling and then we are pumped to tackle something else.  Working on our house is what I like to do when I’m not working, running errands, going to appointments or working on my blog or SeneGence biz.

SeneGence is a cosmetics company and I sell make-up and skin care products. I have a page here about my business and the awesome products SeneGence offers like their long-lasting, sweat proof, smudge proof make-up which I love because who has time to reapply lipstick all day or worry about smudges.  Not me, and this stuff lasts all day and the next day, too! If I happened to oversleep in yesterday’s makeup. Lol. It happens, I admit. So, check out my page where you can click the link to shop at my SeneSite or visit my Lovely Lips That Last website to learn more about SeneGence products and becoming a SeneGence distributor, too! I will help you get your own business started!

I have all kinds of projects and interests going all the time and it’s taken me a while to narrow down my topics for this blog to a few that mesh well. I still could shave a bit more off, but I’m ready to get started writing and posting some of my endeavors. I’ll worry about the tying is all together later. This site is for sharing whatever I’m into and I hope you find something useful and inspiring to indulge whatever projects you’ve been putting off and share them with the world. I would really love to see what projects and creativeness you are working on. Feel free to share any helpful tips or creative ideas you may have to share. So, comment, email, whatever, and show me what you’re working on.