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Top Five Things To Easily Share Selfies & Live Videos to Social Media

A lot of small businesses and bloggers are turning to social media to share their ideas and products. That usually means posting short videos, going live and selfies or pictures of products. Most of this can be done from our smart phones or our computers and other video and camera equipment. But for the most part a smart phone and few apps and some cool inexpensive equipment will get you started and looking like a pro!!

First of all you will need the apps for the social media platforms you want to start with. There are a lot, but you can start with one or two and add more as you go. Facebook is my first social media to go to, but that may not be the one that’s best for your business. Download the app, register and sign in. If your new to social media then you may want to take a few days to play around with the app and learn how it all works first. Most of you already have the apps you want and know how to use them. And most social medias enable you to post photos and videos or go LIVE directly from the app. You can also take and edit photos and videos from your phone using other apps and then upload them to your social medias when you are ready. However, going LIVE is just that, LIVE, and done directly from the social media app. They say going LIVE is the way to go!

Photo Editing and Resizing Apps

I like experimenting with different apps. I’ll use them for a while then uninstall and try another one. Most of what I do can be done with the default photo editing in my phone, which is cropping and brightening. Lately I’ve wanted to take photos or images and make collages and/or add text to the pictures for products, etc. I’m still trying different ones. If I find one that stands out I’ll update this at then, but for now they all do basically the same things.

Taking photos with your phone and using photo editing apps to crop and add text and clip art can be a fun way for posting to social media. There are tons of photo editing apps and some editing tools are already installed on your phone. Most of these apps are just personal preference and trying out different apps to see which you prefer. Using these apps to take selfies or pictures of products, etc and then being able to crop it, add filters, add text and clip art and creating collages and slide shows are a great way to share online. I also use a resizing app because some of the graphics I create or too big for banners on my social medias. This allows me to make my pic smaller in size so that the whole pic shows up in my banners. Nifty!

Video apps

iMovie, Viva Video

These apps are a ton of fun. And again there a more than one so play around with them to find the one you like best. There are templates you can use with music, filters, etc. to use. A lot of them you are able to upgrade and pay for more options. I’m new to recording and live videos of myself to post online. So far, I like the option to play music during a quick video of me demonstrating a new lip color and I don’t have to talk. Plus, I have the option to edit it and crop out the things I want before I post it for the world to see. You can add text and clip art to these as well. This is also helpful when there is no talking on the video. You always have the option to talk as you record, as well.


Smart phones, cameras, video recorders

Tripods will make your life so much easier. Especially while recording videos or going LIVE. There are tripods for smart phones for less than $20, and there are tripods for cameras and videos too. You can pay a lot of money for these, but there are a lot to choose from that are affordable for the novice.


Selfie Ring Light, Ring Light, Studio Lighting
I’ve seen a lot of DIY videos on making some clever lighting for photos and videos. One of the newest and least expensive lighting options is the selfie ring light. It is usually and LED light that is circular and around 4 to 5″ in diameter that clips on to your smart phone and uses batteries. There usually less than $15 and really do a great job. You can also pay a little more and get the same idea but bigger diameter around 10 to 15 inches and most come on a tripod or easily attach to a tripod. You can also go big and get the studio light with the umbrellas, soft boxes, on the stands, etc. There not as expensive as you might think and could be worth the investment depending on your needs because finding good light can be frustrating sometimes and having a studio set up for use at any time of the day or night could be pretty groovy!


These can be made by taping a sheet to the wall with painter’s tape, making a backdrop frame with PVC, or using a clothes line type set up to drape a sheet from using binder clips, clothes pins, or curtain rings with the clips. Backdrops can be a flat sheet from your closet or discount stores, paper rolls from craft stores, or you can get creative and use banners, or go to the party supply store and your options and endless and it can be a lot of fun. Backdrops are also sold online with all kinds of “walls” printed on them. There are also kits you can buy for less than $100 that include studio lighting and the backdrop clothe and clips and the frame that holds the clothe. These are nice because they are easy to assemble and disassemble and usually have a bag that make it portable and easy to store.

There are many clever ways to make your own DIY equipment and a lot of tutorials are available on Pinterest.  Of course, there is always Amazon and other stores that make it easy and sometimes inexpensive to purchase these things.  So, when you find what works best for you, I’d love to know and for you to share your experience and insight here with me below in the comments and add pictures, too, if you have them!