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Finding Your Niche


Let’s face it, the world of arts is vast.  There’s no way to cover all of the possible niches.  However, any creative passion can be shared online with your own website.  I believe anyone can bring income with their particular creative niche.  My creative interests may be different than yours, but I think the same steps I take to build income from my interests can be applied to most creative interests.

I think the first step is creating your own website to showcase your creativity with the world.  Really, think about that.  Having a website makes your niche available to the world. You could have a home studio, a mom and pop business, or brick and mortar business for your local marketing if that is a possibility for you.  However, you can also have your own website to reach far beyond a local business.  You can create a photo gallery of things you make.  You can share pictures of the process of making things and the final product, write or video how-to tutorials, you can create things and sell them online via your site or Etsy.  You can market your creative skills for potential clients and showcase your work.  You can also promote relative products you use in your art on your website.  I have been inspired by many websites that have done just that.  I believe you can do it too!

Your fist step is to find your passion and make it your own special niche.  Make a list of all your creative interests, things your good at, things you often help others to do, and the things unique about your personality.

This took me sometime to nail down and I still change it as I grow and learn what my readers need.  Don’t forget we can always have more than one website. 😉 I first wanted all my interests together in one website, but I soon learned that it makes my information easier to search for and find if I keep a smaller audience in mind.  Then, I changed it to one of my current projects that I’m doing in my home and that was decluttering and selling my unwanted stuff online.  First off, it wasn’t a very creative niche.  As I researched how to go about getting this done for my own home I realized it was not something I wanted to do or write about long term.  Then I went with creating images for bloggers with photography and web design.   I wanted to encourage others to be able to work from home, online and doing something creative.  By finding 2 or 3 of my favorite interests and making them work together I found something I love and really want to share with others how they can do it too.

So, don’t get discouraged if you don’t know what your special niche is right away.  Pick something you love and get started.  The rest will come to you.  Don’t put the kind of pressure I did when I first started.  I wanted everything to be perfect before I ever launched my site.  The best and most freeing advice I was given by Kyle and Carson at WA is to just get started and don’t overthink every little step.  Your ideas and opportunities will grow as you grow and learn.

Once you have your idea and a niche, then you are ready to build a website.  This does not cost a lot of money and it does not take a lot of time, nor does it take a brain surgeon to do.  I have the steps for you on my Build a Website page.  So, click the the link and get started.

Comment below with your the things you are interested in and if you’d like to work from home doing just that!

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