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Why I Chose the Canon T6s Over The T5i & T6i

Take careof your bodyWhy I Chose the Canon T6s Over The T5i & T6i

I originally bought the Canon T5 camera and I’m going to tell you about why I sold it to buy the Canon T6s.  My photography skills need a lot of practice, and I just wanted a decent camera for learning and practicing photography skills.  At that time, I really didn’t want to buy a camera with all the bells and whistles.  All those extras seemed like they would make the learning more complicated.  The T5 was the best choice for the price and my needs…..I thought.  Once I bought it I immediately started practicing with it and reading more about it.  It was great.

Then, my daughter had her first recital for her musical theater class  The other parents had their cameras set up on tripods in the middle of the seating area while they sat relaxed in their seats and their camera was filming their kid’s performance.  I knew I would start right away learning the video capability of my nifty T5.  That’s when I came to understand where my T5 fell short.

Canon T5

  • The T5 was not able to auto focus in video mode.  So, if I were to set up the camera on a tripod at my kids next recital and got a nice focus on the stage before the show, it would not keep her in focus as she was moving around on stage.

Another little tidbit that seemed unimportant to me when I bought it, was:

  • The T5 does not have a flip out screen that rotates.  A screen that flips out and pivots enables you to be in the frame and see what your camera sees at the same time.  This is great when you are doing self photos or videos for something like tutorials for perhaps a blog.  I could also set up the camera in more convenient places to video a show on stage and still see the screen from some other angle than just directly behind the camera.  I started researching what other cameras had to offer.

Canon T5i

  • The T5i would have been perfect.  It has video auto focus. However, the T5i couldn’t offer all the features a newer model could , I felt like I would want to update it sooner than would be financially feasible.

Canon T6i

  • Next, I compared it to the T6i and there wasn’t any major improvements that seemed worth the money, compared to the T6s.

Canon T6s


Then, I found the Canon T6s  and it was the obvious answer for me because it offers much more for the price.  Since I would eventually end up buying a video camera for my daughters performances.  It made sense to sell the T5 and put that money toward a camera that had better video features.

  • This camera would give me a lot of the latest technology in both video cameras and dslr camera function.
  • The T6s has the flip out and rotating screen, and did I mention, it has a touch screen?  Yep.  Pretty Cool.
  • It also has the auto focus in video mode for recording my daughters performances.  Yay!
  •  A few other cool features I like about the T6s camera is the Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities.  I can send pictures to other wi-fi/NFC devices instantly, like a cell phone, computer, a printer and even social networks.
  • There is also an app, Canon Camera Connect App, that I’ve downloaded on my phone that gives me remote control for a few of the settings and the shutter.
  • I also like the extra settings view screen on the top of the camera.  I’m able to see the ISO, Apeture and Shutter Speed at all times. This is a great feature while I’m learning to see the results of any changes I make to the settings.
  • The easy selection wheel on this camera makes it much convenient to change the manual funtions, too.

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